Cocci Nil K Powder

coccinil k


Presentation 500 gm

(Each 100g Contains)

Amprolium Hydrochloride I.P 20 gm
Vitamin K3 I.P 1 gm
  • Caecal and Intestinal Coccidiosis by Eimeria spp.
  • Effective on Many stages of E.tenella, E.necatrix,
  • For Clinical and Subclinical Coccidiosis in Necrotic Enteritis
  • Vit K Controls Bleeding in Caeca and Intestines
  • No Adverse effect on Growth ,FCR and Production.
Dosage Feed:

Prevention 500 gm/ton of feed for 5-7 Dyas
Treatment 1 kg/ton of feed for 5-7 Days


Prevention 0.5 g /Lit of water for 5-7 days
Treatment 1 g / Lit of water for 5-7 days

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