Immunity ++ Syrup

immunity syrup copy

Presentation  1 Ltr

(Each 100ml Contains)

Vitamin E 1000mg
Selenium 2000mcg
Botin 2000mcg
Glycine 1000mg
Vitamin C 1000mg
Methionine 300mg
Lysine 400mg
Arginine 150mg
Threonine 300mg
Glutamine 480mg
Milk Proteins 400mg
Omega FA 50mg
Sodium Chloride 50mg
Maganese Sulphate 300mcg
Magnesium Sulphate 300mcg
Potassium Chloride 500mcg
Zinc Sulphate 200mg
Yeast Extract 300mg
Liver Extract 100mg
Malt Extract 100mg
Garlic Extract 50mg
  • Phagocytosis,natural Immunity,non specific Immunity,
  • Act as a Antioxidant,Free Radical Scavenging activities
  • Increases the Integrity,Reduce cell membrane damage,
  • Improves Vaccine Titre, Immunomodulator , Antistressor,
  • When Production drop due to VVND and ILT Complications
  • Improves Hatchability in breeders and body weight broilers
Chick 1 ml per litre of Water 5-7 Days
Layer 10-20 ml for 100 birds for 5-7 days
Breeder 20-30 ml for 100 birds for 5-7 days
Broiler 10-20 ml for 100 birds for 5-7 days

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